Chapter 70: Just be Ready

It was 5:30pm when I got a text that read, “Your flight on March 8th was canceled due to weather conditions in New York City. Follow this link to reschedule.” 

Due to a series of events occurring in my life over the next few weeks, I became one of those people that frantically called the airline and ~politely~ demand they put me on the next flight to New York. I’m from Wisconsin, no blizzard would beat my plans. I needed to get to New York now.

My two friends and I changed our departure to 7:40pm today. It was now 6:30pm, none of us had packed and none of us were prepared to leave. But we got it together, ran through the airport, and jumped on the plane before they closed the door. 

I’m just now taking a breather, and letting that adrenaline rush subside. 

I needed this night to prepare for my trip. I needed one night to go through each garment, count the yardage, and list every material I needed to make this beast of a collection. Well life happened, (very quickly today) and I didn’t get that one night to prepare. I couldn’t think about it, I just had to make a new game plan that would yield the same end result. 


Being a senior in fashion design at SCAD I’ve learned that you have to be ready. (Period!) You have to be ready for what life throws at you even when you’re not ready for it at all. I felt vastly underprepared to develop my own collection, but I’m doing it. We’ll never be ready for that one massive challenge that leaves you feeling so excited you could throw up- but we confront it, do it, and move on. Opportunity comes up in a matter of hours more often than not, and you’ll miss it if you hesitate or doubt yourself. If you use the excuse, “I didn’t have enough time” over and over again, I just don’t believe it because there's never enough time. 

The designers who inspire me most, in fashion and outside of fashion, never hesitate to do things. They believe in their ideas wholeheartedly and embrace the scramble. As a young creative trying to break into an very small niche industry, we will always be in a constant state of stress and dysfunction. It’s terribly annoying and also kind of awesome but that’s how things happen! I feel like I’m going to have a stomach ulcer when I’m 30 but I wouldn’t want to do anything else with my life. The scramble keeps my mind sharp.

We can always be ready for that last minute interview, the competition that ends in two days, or that flight that leaves in 30 minutes. It’s the kind of pressure we thrive under so be ready for it and be fearless about it.