Chapter 65: Senior Strong


Day 1

I was so nervous. I can't even explain the feeling that was in my stomach walking into my 8am senior class with the new chair of fashion. His smile can light up a room and he's worked all around the industry. He's such a lovely person to work with, and will be a great leader in our department. The stakes were high and I felt underprepared as usual even though I had been thinking about this concept for a year.But here I was, sitting at my desk with shaky knees ready to throw up because my mind was racing for absolutely no reason.

I walked in with a huge suitcase filled with three process books containing three different ideas with one overarching personal aesthetic- well that was the goal anyways. I opened it up and laid them on the table together and surprisingly saw similarities between them all. This project was about finding myself, and pushing my design ability to new lengths and that is REALLY HARD, but okay! This was just the beginning and we weren't expected to know everything about what we wanted to make. Today was about receiving feedback that would help us bring together and edit many ideas. 

The whole class got feedback and was told to go fetch more. Dive deeper. More research about color, silhouettes, our customer, concepts... everything. I hit the library, sat down with a fat stack of books and flipped through them to refine the idea even farther. It's looking like patience with ourselves and perseverance will be the only thing that allows us to convey our vision to its fullest.