Chapter 68: What is "Me Too?"

Google what is "Me too?"


That's the first thing I typed in my search bar at 1:40am after scrolling through Facebook and seeing a multitude of statuses that read, "me too." I quickly found out it was a social media campaign designed to raise awareness about sexual harassment. By asking women to post it as their status it would indicate that they've been affected by some form of sexual harassment. And there were an alarming amount of posts. Almost every other status on Facebook had the phrase along with a quick snip of a very sad or scary story attached.  

Yesterday night I was with my girl friends and we were talking about our previous relationships and different guys we've come across throughout our lives. I found out that nearly everybody in the room had been cheated on at some point except myself. 1 out of 6 girls in the room hadn't been cheated on. My heart was heavy for them. My heart was heavy for their lack of trust in any guy that pursued them after those experiences.

One friend was talking about how these unhealthy relationships made her resent males in general. She said she was sick of somebody else determining her value.

 "Any guy that makes me feel less than awesome doesn't have that right."  

They all agreed that these experiences made them stronger, closer to their girl friends, and more cautious- but they all were screwed up for a while because of it. 

While "Me Too" isn't about cheating, this entire situation made me realize how many girls have been hurt in this way. I cannot begin to imagine what it would be like to be sexually violated in any way. 

This depressing conversation was at the forefront of my mind all night and it happened just 24 hours prior to me discovering this campaign. 

These stories made me really think hard about the males that have made their way into my life over the years. Some have stayed so close, and some have drifted but every single one of them has been talented, respectful, joyful, loving, giving, and so strong in all the right places. Whether it's my closest guy friends who will help me move boxes up and down the stairs while moving, or carry a bag for me at the airport, or those who even live 4,000 miles away who take interest in the career I'm pursuing, they all care so deeply about the women in their lives. One of my ex-boyfriends and long time friends will be heading up a design competition that brings together designers in a variety of industries and in high school the last thing he wanted to do was lead a crowd. These men are so great and they will continue to be great! They are the ones we need to celebrate and look up to. They are the ones that would never pressure, hurt, or lie to a girl for one good night. They stand next to you and cheer you on while you heal and regain your strength after these tragic incidences. Above all else, they admire women that respect themselves. They support the "Me Too" statement. 


"Me too" is not designed to attack all the guys. It's designed to raise awareness. But it's putting the bad guys in their place. Surely there are men that build us up, give us strength, and support us while we rule the world. While I can't say, "Me Too" I can encourage the statement's life and further point out it's value. And I can say thank you to the men in my life who have never given me a reason to personally say that statement.