Chapter 41: Moving Forward

In my last post I talked about how I was going through a phase of hating fashion, right? I was exhausted; the fact that coherent sentences even came out of me was actually impressive. The last 10 weeks of my life were spent working 12 hour days- and I mean really working my brain for those 12 hours every single day. While I loved the work I was doing, that passion slowly faded away which is what lead me to write that last post.

I joke around with my roommates on the daily about where our life satisfaction falls throughout the quarter, and just after midterms my life satisfaction had truly reached an all time low. It really wasn't a joking matter anymore- I was really just a mess. 

And then I finished. I finished with high marks. The mental battle was over. And I slept. I saw my best friends, I did some deadline-free work, and a bit of adventuring to exercise my mind and body. I finally saw hope of reaching total peace of mind that had been lost throughout the quarter. I saw my life satisfaction growing and the bags under my eyes disappearing. I had been stuck inside my anxious mind for so long that it was hard for me to sit down and take a nap without worrying about something. Finally, when I had the chance to take a break, I was able to identify the beauty around me again.  

The challenge that brought me to tears helped me realize that sometimes low points in life emphasize the high points.

As a result fashion became more beautiful than before; upon completion of my courses, it was clear that the experience made me tougher. The workload that drove me nearly insane gave me more passion about the subject. The challenge that brought me to tears helped me realize that sometimes the low points in life emphasize the high points. I complain less about my work, I know how to deal with stressful situations, and I know what a true challenge is. My life satisfaction won't always be a 9/10- and that's an unavoidable reality, but we have to learn how to grow from the tough stuff. 

Now I can look at a dress and appreciate it, I don't cringe at the idea of making a collection, and I'm not fearful of running out of ideas because my mind is fresh. As designers, we have to give our minds time to rest after such extensive work so we can continue to grow and create beautiful work. The tough points in our career remind us that true talent can be stretched beyond our own expectations.