Chapter 23: Tybee Time

"I have so much work to do," we say. 

We say this all the time to the point where it's thoroughly nauseating. It's 2:47am and I just got home from a spontaneous trip to the beach with my friends. It's finals week and instead of working, I went to the beach at 11pm. Here's why: 

The first hour consisted of me throwing my hands up in the air and twirling around in the wind like a small child. I was so excited to be standing outside with my shirt and hair blowing in the wind. I was catching up with friends and making it a point to inhale the fresh coastal air; it would be my last time absorbing that feeling until fall quarter. Then I sat. I sat curled up in my towel next to my amazing, loved roommate. We made occasional, random conversation about good books and thought provoking questions, but for the most part we sat in silence. For a moment I was on the beach by myself. I was sitting on a coast that stretched for miles and miles appreciating God's creation and what He's blessed me with. I blocked out my to-do list, turned off my phone, and focused on the endless amounts of waves and stars in front of me. As I kept telling my friends, "this is my happy place."

Finals week is hard for any college student. This week I'm faced with many moves, impending due dates, too much stress and probably not enough sleep; but in this moment my head was cleared. I came back to my dorm room feeling completely recharged and ready to work in the  morning. During this period of relaxation don't talk about how much work you have, just know that you will come back to it. Productively work on it until it's complete. 

Sometimes we forget to feed our brain with relaxation. Productive relaxation is the key to our success even when we think it will set us farther behind. No matter where your place is, find it and let it fill you with joy and thankfulness. Sometimes you need a moment to step back and appreciate the beauty before you. 

Good luck on finals to all of my fellow students and always remember the importance of a break, and the beauty of our beach here  in northern Georgia of course.