Morning Glory: A College Breakfast

It's spring quarter and I've had it with my dining hall. I am thoroughly repulsed by the smell and the environment. This week, two weeks before the end of school, I went grocery shopping and bought everything I need to eat breakfasts, snacks and lunches in my dorm.

Eating clean is difficult on a college budget so I'm on a mission to find yummy, nutritional meals for a decent price. I found myself skipping breakfast altogether or going straight for a bagel which would leave me feeling hungry an hour later. To resolve this problem, I'm trying to pre-pack my breakfasts and eliminate simple carbs from my meals. This little treat is easy to make for each morning of the week and it's packed with all the right nutrients that leave you feeling full longer. 


1/2 cup of Low Fat Vanilla Greek Yogurt- Chobani honey flavored greek yogurt is my personal favorite as it has 16g of protein per serving.  

7 raspberries- The small number makes you portion out the raspberries long enough so you don't find yourself eating the whole carton in one day. Eating the whole carton in one day is totally fine, it just means you'll be having less raspberries in your parfaits later in the week... 

1 Tablespoon of PB2- I was recently introduced to powder peanut butter. This all organic substitute is made with roasted peanuts, sugar and salt. You typically mix it with water to create normal peanut butter consistency, but in this case you mix the powder in right with your yogurt to give it additional flavor. 

1/4 cup of  "Kind" Granola- This gluten free, low glycemic granola will leave you feeling full without making you crash later on in the day. It wouldn't be a parfait without the granola!

Layer it, mix it together and enjoy it! I usually pre-make my parfait the night before and refrigerate it so I can grab it the next morning. The whole parfait is a grand total of 213 calories and 14 grams of protein. I also love pairing it with an apple or banana! 

This is my attempt of moving away from the dinning hall the last two weeks of my freshman year of college. Hope you enjoy this quick meal as much as I do!