Chapter 22: Lend a Hand & Pick up Trash

Tomorrow marks the biggest day of the year for SCAD's highly successful fashion department. The 2015 fashion show will bring innovative, well constructed garments down the wooden floors of the SCAD Museum of Art. 24 designers have been carefully selected by industry professionals to display a portion of their final collection. It's a day where buyers, editors and famous bloggers gather at the forefront of the runway to see what they can snatch up! And for Ashley Romasko, it's obviously the best day ever. 

At the dawn of winter quarter I was able to meet a few of the designers at SCAD's Senior Collaboration night. My friends and I established relationships with a few leading senior designers who have all made it into the final show. They are dedicated to creating polished looks that have thorough conceptual development; it's evident that they have taken their mentor's advice very seriously. Their hard work paid off. 

I received an email a few weeks ago informing me that I was chosen for multiple volunteer opportunities leading up to the final show. Working backstage and with industry professionals has been the most fun thing I've done while at SCAD; I was able to learn so much from everybody around me. My fellow dressers are amazing, dedicated and so smart! We work together to make sure the models look perfect before sending them down the runway. As a dresser, I get to see all the garments before anybody else; I got to touch them all and examine the perfect construction firsthand. Just being around these fabulous looks has given me goosebumps on multiple occasions! 

The most valuable lesson I learned from this experience was to willingly start at the bottom. Pick up trash if they ask you to; it makes a difference and it never goes unnoticed. Picking up trash was the reason why I got asked to come back and help this weekend. You need to be willing to start at the very bottom and get your hands dirty. It's how we learn and get better. In no time we will get our hands on bigger things. 

Tomorrow I will be backstage for 10 hours and I couldn't be happier. I'm prepared to lock in the zone, (pick up trash if need be) and help produce the 2015 SCAD Fashion Show!

(Stay tuned for my excessive Instagram posts).