Chapter Fourteen: Feelin Foxy

Sitting in this coffee shop. Sitting. Watching. All of the people come in and sit down. The atmosphere gets louder and louder, but it’s a peaceful sound of togetherness. The line wraps around the small counter and everybody patiently waits for the drink that will propel them through the day. Sitting, watching, observing and enjoying; certain things I never get the chance to do on a daily basis.

Sipping my coffee and reading my book I feel as though I’m fully involved in the now. College forces you into a state of thinking ahead; worrying about deadlines, to-do lists, social plans. We lose the moment at so many times when it should be appreciated.


“The bomb shelter is a house. Where underground artists go to play their music. It’s anything: techno, EDM, rock. It’s different every week.” The girls say next to me.

Life is comprised of little things that make up our grand adventures. In this moment I’m sitting; I keep saying that because it means more than the actual act of sitting. My mind is also sitting, it’s stopping. I don’t do this often and whenever I sit, I see why it’s a needed for my sanity.

This is my first time in Foxy Loxy. Foxy Loxy is the best coffee shop I’ve been invited in. Not only do they supply my favorite homemade granola bar and espresso drink, but it’s a place people go to work and share about themselves. Leather couches, books, warm colors, wine, and live music; I don’t know if I will ever stop sitting in my chair.

I wanted to share with you this moment of reflection and I encourage you to hide in your favorite place for a quick hour. Take the time for the now and put the future on hold.