Chapter 20: Power in Numbers

Photo curtesy of Bobby Moore

Photo curtesy of Bobby Moore

As a fashion designer you are constantly hung up on creating the best thing and wearing the best clothes and doing the best you possibly can at all times, but what we forget about is the beauty that lies within collaboration. 

I wake up (most) mornings and think to myself, “what can I learn today?” And each day I learn a lot whether it’s something about myself, learning from a peer, learning from a stranger or professor, I’m constantly learning from people. Artists forget that the best ideas come from discussion and feedback with those around you. Seniors will scoff at this remark and say how naive it is for a freshman to be so optimistic and friendly… but eventually if you are looking to build a company you have to figure out how to work well with others around you. 

Power in Numbers; the title sounds like I need a lot of manpower to do something, but what I mean is that I need a lot of people to keep me executing strong designs. Lots of people inspire me to do better and to learn, learn and learn more. If everybody had this attitude we could all benefit and work together. There would be enough room in the industry for those who were passionate about producing a great finished product, not necessarily producingTHEIR finished product. Yes, individual ideas are important, but they’re constantly changing and progressing due to feedback and critique. 

This weekend I had this honor of doing my job with a completely new group of people that I’d never met before. Models and designers that aren’t too much older than I am, but they produce amazing things. I was able to observe their work and apply it to my own studies. They will go on to do amazing things because they love what they do. It was so inspiring. 

Today I discussed editorial ideas with Anthony and Taylor, members of the Manor, for about an hour. Changing ideas, pooling our favorite sources of inspiration, doing all things fashion. We ended up finalizing three editorial shoots for just this week. That’s the power in numbers. We are able to produce amazing results with lots of dedicated people. I’m blessed to be working and meeting dedicated and passionate people, connections and collaboration are key.

That my friends is on my mind on this fine Sunday night as I reflect upon my workend. Have a great day and be a good team member, it makes you a better person.