Chapter 16: Sin City

Your friends encourage you to take a shot, your gut tells you tonight is not a good night…stay in, stay in. You can’t resist the fun and you take a shot with your favorite people hoping for a great night of quality time with them. Little do you know that’s the last thing that is about to happen. 

Tonight was my second time at a bar. With all underage kids going to this place, it’s laced with two things I hate most: immaturity and drama. After the alcohol sets in you feel…different; the haze comes over your eyes and you eventually feel loose. You look around as you step past the bouncer and you see the guy attempting to talk his way out of his mistakes and you look forward and see people living the “college lifestyle.”

The “college lifestyle” I’ve found to be highly unfulfilling. Partying, shots, beer pong, boys, repeat…what the heck comes out of that? In the past few weeks I’ve found that if you try and live that lifestyle it leads to hurt, mistakes and irresponsibility. I walk into this bar expecting to meet up with some of my best friends who had all planned on going out that night, instead I got to see people flirting with boys who just craved a sexual adventure, and girls who found their security in these boys, and alcohol that swiftly took away inhibitions… it was sin city as I know it. 

I don’t like smelling like cigarette smoke!"Says Olivia. 

We walked back to our dorms discussing how gross it was to see this lifestyle falling upon some of our peers. Olivia and I don’t need a drink to feel good and deal with the problems life handles us. The college boys that we see at these bars are not people I would consider going on a date with because they go out weekend after weekend to find a new person of interest. It would be lovely to know if they ever grew up? 

"I hate being so let down by an entire species.” Says Olivia. 

There’s this environment that we have the option to immerse ourselves in: sin city, or the opposite. “Fun” is relative; if your friends are truly great people they will love to spend time with you even if you choose to not partake in this “college lifestyle.” My friends keep me going no matter what and generally we encourage each other to make good decisions. I’m so grateful for people like that in my life and I’m thankful for a reality check. The “college lifestyle” gets old when you keep finding yourself in a state of disappointment; it becomes sin city. 

Thank you mom and dad for teaching me why this is a bad thing and why the Lord calls us to overcome tempting situations like this. As I told my mom senior year in high school, “There is nothing good that comes out of the party scene in college, it’s an environment induced with sin.” Upon further investigation and experimentation I’ve found that to be even more true than before. 

Here’s to living my own College Lifestyle from here on out: faith, focus, friends and family, things that fulfill and never disappoint.