SCAD Withdrawal

There’s something to be said about going to a place where everybody is the same yet drastically different. It’s like putting together a sample pack of sweet foods that are sweet but vary in taste… We are all artists that understand the importance of observation and pull inspiration from mundane objects. Many of us have large goals and an unmanageable amount of passion for too many different things. The art kids understand my thoughts and actions and not everything requires detail explanation. They have a drive to travel and experience life in all parts of the world, some of them have even come across the world to study in the states. In three weeks I will be back in an environment where I am constantly pushed to my maximum effort to create art. Hopefully as the new year comes around I will be able to start generating more sustainable ideas…ideas that will make a lasting impact on the world beyond one project. I’m ready for my artistic wheels to be in full spin once again.