Chapter Twelve: The Heart

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” We say that out of love to our friends and family. The single girls may hunch their shoulders because they wish they had somebody to give them chocolates; the boys may have a drink and try and forget about the girl they wish they had by their side; the couples go for a nice dinner and have a lovely night filled with ample xoxo’s. But the heart is something that’s so much bigger than February 14th, it craves true love. But what is love! Love is the simple act of appreciating the amazing people around you for who they are, boys and girls, friends and family, coworkers and roommates! 

This Valentine’s day I had the honor of spending it with my new college friends. I spent the day with the girls that have helped me through the stress that college brings; the girls that can ALWAYS get me to smile. I also felt the pain of not seeing my best friends and family from home that I always see on this cute holiday. Nonetheless, it was lovely. 

This is what I concluded about myself yesterday: 

My heart is content when I’m with people that I trust. It’s content when I’m laughing! My heart is fragile, it’s not easily given away. It’s hard to attain and it seeks a man with a good soul. It seeks good intention and strong value. My heart has many layers and some aren’t pretty; it takes quality time to reveal them. My heart wants to give attention to the people that I love! 

Valentine’s day is a day that I now embrace because of its wonderful concept: Buy a card and tell somebody how much you need them in your life. Tell them how amazing they are and why they make you smile! Is that so difficult? Our hearts need some loving whether it be from your amazing friends, from your loved one, or from your dog. My heart is content after the day of candy hearts, pink and red; I hope yours is as well.