Chapter Thirteen: Acceptance

“It’s very just like oh okay, you do your thing…whatever!” Says Olivia, (the roommate that has become one of my best friends with endless amounts of wisdom and advice).

That’s general mentality of the students at the Savannah College of Art and Design summed up in one statement.

We are all artists of course, therefore we are weird. I’ve said this before; we are the weird ones of the world who didn’t really find people in high school that understood every part of our brain. There’s a compilation of kids here that were in all social groups: drama, band kids, nerds, gothic, popular, jocks… and the thing about SCAD is that your friend group is probably a combination of all those people. People from boarding schools, foreign countries, animators, small town kids, upper east side kids, hipsters, and everybody else you can think of. Sure that’s how any college is, but here you have to break through that surface layer to discover who these people actually are. “Labels” are somewhat disregarded and you learn to appreciate all types of weirdos. In high school I would look at some of these people and make a snide facial expression and judge. While everybody judges, it’s significantly less here.

My favorite story:

There’s a kid who dresses up as a certain character everyday. At first I looked twice and judged… I was not used to seeing kids dressed in costumes everyday. Little did I know this person made his/her own clothing, wrote published novels, and was here on a full ride scholarship. He/she may work with me someday, who am I to give a look of judgement? She’s going to be a millionaire someday; please, allow me to applaud her!

So many times you discover the “weirdos” are the ones who do the best work.

Similarly my friends are accepting of my strange addiction to, they appreciate the conversations we have about traveling to space, third world countries, CHEESE, and photoshoot ideas. Some of these things would never be topics of conversation in high school. SCAD is the most accepting place I’ve ever been. I hope to work in environments where every weird trait is valued. Or create an environment that fosters such an accepting nature.

SCAD is the best. I’m completely me and everybody else is completely them. That’s how it works, that’s how I like it. Show me who you really are, that’s what I want to see.