Chapter Ten: WI

“You know the cheese curds are good when they squeak against your teeth!” Said the worker at Blick art supplies today at 11:47am. Finally someone that understood the football craze and the obscene dairy obsession. 

Moving away taught me how to appreciate the things I grew up with. Moving away taught me that people in at home are highly valuable and must be in my life for years and years to come. Moving away taught me there’s no place like home. Only the employee at the art store can relate to my wacky obsession with various kinds of cheeses and badger football. 

I’ve met wonderful people here at SCAD and I’ve been writing about all of them, I’ve been writing about every good thing and I’ve been neglecting to write about my roots. This is where I tell you about my best friends and my family: 

My best friends are almost exactly like me in every possible way. While we share our differences, we ground each other and we are able to trust our lives to one another. They are always looking for my best interest and they understand my horrible moods. 17 hours apart and we still talk at least four times a week about every single thing that’s going on in our lives. They’re my girls and I always go to them because I love each one of them with all my heart. 

My parents are irreplaceable people that have brought me up in a way that has taught me selflessness and humility. I simply cannot thank them enough for raising me with love and always encouraging me to pursue my dream. My father is the most inspiring person I have ever met due to our shared passion of working with people. He installed a love for helping others, giving graciously and caring about those around you. Mom and Dad showed me that hard work brings success and that’s exactly how the real world operates. They’ve given me every tool I need to be successful and there is no way I could ever thank them enough. Soon I will be able to give them large hugs and show them the pieces that are pushing me towards achieving my dream. I would like to make them proud. 

There’s some things you can’t pack in a box, (yes, the cheese curds) but also my circle of amazing people. Their presence is missed, their unique laughs and behavior patters are missed; they are missed. My WI family is missed, I hope you all know how important you are to me. Much love, I will see you in a quick couple months.