Chapter Seven: Beginning to End

What do you think of when you pencil touches a blank piece of paper?

My shoulders used to tense up, fearful of making a mistake. I would carefully and precisely sketch a line, and then trace over it again and again to make sure it was perfect. Eventually all I’d have was a piece that wouldn’t convey any emotion or story… 

My life changed for the better on September 12th, 2014 when I moved across the country to Savannah, GA. I now have two sets of best friends, some of which live across the world, others reside in Wisconsin; all have shaped me into who I am today. I’ve learned to be a good learner; observing everything and never denying opportunity. The word “weird” has been redefined in my vocabulary; it serves to describe the creatives like myself who have felt slightly misunderstood up until this point in our lives, all of us SCAD kids are weird according to societal standards…

The quarter was filled with days where I would be running on two hours of sleep and I would still be so thrilled to get to work on homework. We spent Friday- Sunday working on projects, catching up on sleep, doing too many club activities, and occasionally getting time to sit and stare at the wall. We grew into our artistic shoes and rose to seemingly impossible challenges. Sketchbook upon sketchbook now travel with us everywhere we go, while 400 more sit on a bookshelf at home. We’ve learned how to be artists who actively seek inspiration from their surroundings. We’ve become insomniac weirdos who drink endless amounts of tea and make adults question traditional bullshit. Despite our emotional breakthroughs and wacky habits, I finished my first quarter with a 4.0 GPA making the Dean's List. All I can say is work hard and love what you do. 

After 10 weeks, my pencil hits the paper in an omnipotent manor; knowing its path and its subject. It moves faster, with less thought. There’s a sense of fearlessness and liberation in drawing. It’s like taking a breath and exhaling on the page in front of you. Perfection is now achieved with only a few lines and loose shoulders. 

… But maybe I’m just another weirdo. And maybe I’m okay with that. 

Until next time,