Chapter Nine: Attitude Change

6 hours awake. That’s what I like to call Hell. I’m sure Hell is probably a far worse place to be, and of course there are far worse things that could effect my well being, but 36 hours awake does not define fun. So why was I up for 36 hours straight? Color Theory. 

If you’ve taken a Color Theory class you know how it strips away your hopes and dreams of being intelligent. It takes you back to the color wheel, paint brushes and assortment of pigments. It sounds SO easy, mixing colors all day long… please come and try to do this yourself and tell me how it makes you feel afterwards. 

Now that we’ve established that Color Theory is the root of my sourness at all times and leaves me feeling unintelligent and mildly uncreative at all times of day, we can begin to understand why attitude has such a large effect on us as students. The first three weeks of school were filled with negativity and constant work. When I work with a negative attitude it decreases the quality of my work, and it also takes away any passion and appreciation I could have for that subject. 

After too many complaints on a Monday night my dear friend Craig Matola said to me, “Stop hating it and just enjoy it.” Those words resonated with me hours after that and well into the night while I was in a perpetual state of confusion doing my homework. But, the heavily dreaded activity of Color Theory became a mildly dreaded activity, and now it’s just a task that I don’t associate with any negativity. My grade is not the best, but the knowledge I have about properties of color and design is endless and continuously growing.

“It’s not about the grade, it’s about what you learn,” said professor Mosch. 

I think sometimes our attitude cuts off our creativity, work ethic and binds us from moving forward. Now that I see Color Theory as a challenging opportunity, I’m more openminded and willing to learn about the pigments that make up the world around us. 36 hours awake is not healthy, but there comes a time when you say to yourself, “just do it because it will be worth it later.” A poor attitude doesn’t make those all nighters any easier! 


Ashley Romasko