Chapter Five: Acceptance of Fatigue.

While college is a wonderful experience filled with laughing, new people and passion, it’s also very difficult. You hear this all the time, “high school is nothing compared to college.” That statement is 100% correct, but I’m going to elaborate on the brutal details of my secondary institution’s work load. 

My weekend begins promptly at 7:30pm every Thursday night. SCAD graciously gives us Friday-Sunday off because they know we need the extra work day. Thursday at 11am I was assigned two 16x20 linear perspective drawing projects to be done in graphite. They were due today, Tuesday at 11am. Imagine that along with two other projects that require an extensive amount of time. It was nice to go to the library, plug in my headphones and draw for hours on end, but after the 10th hour…after the 20th hour… after the 30th hour, my hand was tired and my skill was seemingly subpar. While my professor was highly pleased with my work, I questioned whether or not 30 hours was worth it? Here’s what I concluded:

Each year I pay lots and lots of money because I’m making an investment in my career. 1% of the whole world gets the opportunity to go to college so if I’m privileged enough to be here, shouldn’t I take advantage of every resource I have? Of course. While one third of my weekend was killed by the pencil and paper, I found it to be a worthwhile investment of my time because I got better and exercised a passion. While I feel overwhelmed and overworked at some points, I know and fully recognize the value in having an education that prepares you for future endeavors. I look onto the week ahead and see little sleep and lots of work, but in the end one must appreciate the blessings they are gifted with. 

As mom always said, good things always result from hard work.