Chapter Eleven: IDEA+

The color theory that sits in front of me can wait five minutes because I just had an idea. I had the urge to write it down and to save it for a day when it could be properly attended to. 

When you think of an IDEA+ what comes to mind? 

IDEAS+ are constantly circulating thoughts with vast meaning and potential to be well developed. I have three books with ideas lining the pages. Ideas for how to recycle while running a business someday, ideas for better use of my drawers, ideas for the next editorial, and ideas of how to be a better friend. There are so many ideas that my head wants to explode. IDEA+ is an idea with depth, practicality, and potential. It’s something we should all strive to ascertain as we grow into professionals in the world. Yes, I’m a person with creativity, but you may be the person with an IDEA+ of how to minimize obesity, or the person with an IDEA+ on how to train dogs better; every one is valued and worth writing down. 

There’s meaning behind every move you make, every person you talk to, every minute of your time… It’s all meaningful. Much like this, each idea can’t be explained by “I don’t know, that’s just how I wanted it to look.” An IDEA+ never has an “I don’t know” explanation because it has the potential to be researched and developed. It’s about goals you set for yourself, things you need to learn, and things that genuinely make an impact on the world we live in. Every IDEA+ is worth writing down. 

But it should also extend beyond your paper, go tell somebody about it, go discuss it…go do it! These IDEAS+ are meant to be worked on and talked about with other people who share similar passions. Get paper, keep it next to your pillow and write down every peculiar thought that comes to mind at all times. Your IDEAS+ are just as important as your neighbor’s. 

We have the privilege of doing whatever we want and creating whatever we want. Don’t let your IDEA+ go unnoticed, it could change the world someday.