Chapter Eight: Plane Rides

You know when the jets start rumbling and you feel the sudden rushing motion of the plane propelling forward? Yes. That’s the feeling that always brings a satisfied smile to my face. As soon as the airplane lifts off the ground and my ears start to pop I get so excited like a child. I associate getting on a plane with a new adventure. Lately it’s been the whole college, going home, going back to school thing. But while I was taking off in the plane, I was thinking about the metaphor it so deeply conveyed: we launch into a new project, a different lifestyle all together, and a new set of friends to get close to. We propel ourselves forward into new environments like jets on the airplane propel us to new places. 

Tomorrow we begin a new portion of the journey. Of course classes grown increasingly harder and the pressure sets in, but we have the privilege to do what we love. After just one quarter I feel as though I have a better handle on how I operate at college, what friends are a positive influence on my work, and what I enjoy doing most. After surviving first quarter mayhem, second quarter brings a sense of tranquility and peace among the returning students. We are all ready to work. 

Much love to my wisconsinites.


P.S The plane landed smoothly in Savannah, GA. She’s ready for the adventure of a lifetime in 2015.