Chapter Two: Draw a Positive Line

Being a little nervous about going to a school where you don’t know anybody, that’s seventeen hours away from the little bubble you used to call home, and being away from the people you’ve loved for years… yes that’s a large change that occurred this week. 

I’ve always been slightly adventurous in my way of thinking. My mind has been thirsting for more information, more people with the same passion, and a change of scene. Moving seventeen hours away to a little city like Savannah has been the best thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. Of course, it is the third day of classes and as the quarter goes on I will drown in work like every college student, but the difference is that I absolutely adore my classes. Learning has never been this much fun before, and I’ve never said something so nerdy. 

I wish I could tell you about all of the wonderful people I’ve met already but there’s too many to describe and too much to say about all of them. I hang out with a group of about six people from all over the world. They make me laugh until I cry, we discuss and analyze artists and their work, we make up games and watch stupid Youtube videos and make fun out of any situation. Meeting genuine, passionate, diverse people has never been so easy. These people are not just “first week friends,” they’re absolutely wonderful individuals who will come out of school and be leading industrial designers, architects and performers. 

More about people, my professors are intellectual professionals who are filled with an abundance of knowledge and passion about what they’re teaching their students. My drawing teacher, santa beard and full of wisdom told us to make a positive line. After looking at him and questioning his statement he further explained himself: 

“Make a positive mark on the paper, a mark that’s dark and shows confidence in what you’re doing. Stop sketching and start being bold." 

After a day of meditating on those wise words I’ve come to the conclusion that this confidence and passion is necessary to proceed throughout art school. So many positive emotions have been running through my blood as I continue this journey. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for the quarter!