Chapter Three: Stereotypes and Relationships

What comes to mind when you think of art school? 

Here’s what came to my mind prior to September 12th: 

Hipsters, a very skewed guy to girl ratio, somewhat catty fashion students, and lots of pot smokers. 

Friends, let me tell you these stereotypes are 100% true and confirmed. There are hipsters everywhere; if you aren’t weird, you don’t go here. There are definitely many fantastic homosexuals here, it’s just how things work in this world. Every weekend a few more people get kicked out of the dorms for possessing a disgusting amount of marijuana. Fashion students are far more bitter and annoying than I anticipated. My time here has confirmed that I have dedicated the rest of my life to one of the most cut throat industries in the creative world. Two of my good friends are fashion students, the rest are talented creatives working towards varying pursuits. These aggressive stereotypes are true, but they don’t subtract from the lovely school I attend. 

While the fashion majors keep me on edge, my friends provide a good laugh for me each day after class. While we knew each other the first couple days, we really know each other now. On weekends we stay up until about four or five in the morning discussing why third world countries are the way they are. We drink tea together and do 2am yoga. And we laugh, we laugh a lot to keep the stress from massively building up. We know all the little quirks and strange things that appear in our language from day to day. ( i.e bag vs. baig) My first week friends are becoming some of my closest friends. They understand what the word dream means. I can’t wait to see where life takes them and where our friendships lead us in the future. 

So kids remember: Sterotypes are true, but art school is still amazing and worth it .

Until next time,

Ashley Romasko