Chapter One: New Beginnings

I’m Ashley. 

To me, fashion goes beyond shopping, and watching Project Runway every Thursday night; fashion extends to which chiffon fabric feels the best against my customer’s skin, or which window display better merchandises the fall collections. Fashion is everywhere, I just choose to fully embrace it. 


Today marks the day that I move 17 hours away from my comfortable life in Wisconsin to go to fashion school in Savannah, Georgia. While going to SCAD has been a dream of mine for four years, I still feel that mix of total anxiety and indescribable excitement about moving away. This is the beginning of the journey of a lifetime, one that brings tears of joy, sadness and stress. A journey that the Lord is fearlessly leading me through. 

Today also marks the day that this blog will become highly active. This is a lifestyle and fashion blog in which I will share my daily happenings and discoveries. I will also post stories about people I encounter, things I make and clothing I wear. Hopefully my family and friends at home will get a taste of what the fashion life is like below the Mason-Dixon.

Today, September 11th, 2014 marks the beginning of my collegiate fashion life. Follow the blog to see what I’m up to in the next chapter of my life! Prayers and notes are always appreciated!