Chapter 34: The Art of Change

As many of you saw last week I wrote about our safety at SCAD, Savannah. Here's what happened: 

Today I met with the director of SCAD public safety. I felt strikingly nervous knowing that every single person in the security building had read my last post and knew me by name already. I was intimidated but prepared to speak up.  

Savannah College of Art and Design's Art's Cafe

Savannah College of Art and Design's Art's Cafe

I first heard what John, the director of SCAD security, had to say in regards to the improvements SCAD has made and various programs they have implemented in the past two years. I was able to visually see what they do behind the scenes; contrary to what some of us might have thought, it's intense. They are trying their hardest to protect their students, but because they are not students, they were unaware of the problems and kinks within the security system. Luckily, both people I met with were kindhearted, forward thinkers who are willing to make changes. 

After discussing SCAD's current security measures, I addressed all of the concerns many of you shared with me and they avidly took notes. I told them about why some negatively perceive SCAD security, and they were eager to hear students' perspective. I made suggestions involving the Safe Ride program, safety notifications, and general security at buildings that will better our campus now, as well as suggestions that will take an extended amount of time to fix. 

This is our plan; this is what we as students are going to do:

10 individuals, five on campus and five off campus, will be chosen to be a part of a Students for Safety forum that meets twice a month. This group will be responsible for communication between administration and students. Students for Safety will be working directly with the SCAD Security and the Savannah police force in order to work out the problems many of us are facing. To the best of our abilities, we will be rebranding SCAD Security and the LiveSafe app with efforts to turn it into something that becomes useful and relevant. Communication between SCAD security and students will improve and all in all, it should result in a safer campus environment. 

As I stated before, things like this take time. Know that I tried my hardest to voice all of your major concerns in regards to safety, but good things take time. Please don't get frustrated with the wait; know there is a plan of action and that your feedback is welcomed and valued throughout this process.