Chapter 35: You do love this!

A preview of my own final for introduction to fashion design. A complete post will be written about this upon completion. 

A preview of my own final for introduction to fashion design. A complete post will be written about this upon completion. 

Projects pile up, mom and dad start wondering why you're not calling as much, you start seeing your friends less and less, and you work more. You do so much work that you feel like it's normal to work 12 hours straight every day of the week. Spotify's study radio is on repeat for two weeks; your head is going to explode and you just want to go home.

This is finals. 

But remember when you applied to your dream school with so much passion and pride about what you'd be doing for the rest of your life? You were convinced it wouldn't feel like work because it's what you love to do. This is the point in the quarter where you might begin questioning your decision of going into this industry.You realize that it's so hard, it's critical, and perfection is expected at all times. We could all go on about how many hours have been put into our latest projects, but that doesn't matter. 

What matters is that you signed your life away to a creative career because this is what you live and breathe for. You have committed to a lifetime of staying up late and waking up early- doing too many clubs and shoots and film sets... You have committed to observing your surroundings at all times, being aware of the artistic elements around you, and most importantly hard work. The pride and joy you felt upon getting accepted to this institution was the beginning of a strenuous yet glorious journey. You are blessed that what you are passionate about doubles as your career, not everybody gets that. What you may not have considered was finals week where you'd be sleeping two hours a night to finish your final. But, this is what you live for; you love this. 

If you really love this your passion will carry you until the end. Your heart and soul will go into every piece you make, because what else would you be doing? Creating is the only language I know, so why wouldn't I be joyful to get better at it? There is always room for the people in your industry that live and breathe for it. 

So when you're feeling like you don't have what it takes, when you feel like there's no way it will get done- it will. It will get done because it has to; the passion will keep you going. You'll finish strong. Impress the people around you and put your absolute best efforts forth. You love this and this is your time to own it. 

Good luck on finals my fellow artists- I've never met more talented people. I believe in you with all my heart.